onsdag 9 maj 2012

Poison Planet / Sectarian Violence East Coast tour 2012

As we've mentioned elsewhere, we are about to head out on our first tour on US soil. Most shows will be played together with Poison Planet from Chicago. 

A US version of the "Conflict of Interest" cassette will be released by our friend and infamous stage breaker Jersey Jeff via Bleedingedges.

**Just Sectarian Violence**
Monday June 4th - Richmond, VA
Tuesday, June 5th - Raleigh, NC @ The Union w/ No Tomorrow, Pure Scum
Wednesday, June 6th - Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto 
Thursday, June 7th - Columbus, OH @ Legion of Doom w/ Axebomber, Triple Crossed, Landlocked and Fumes

**Poison Planet and Sectarian Violence**
Friday, June 8th - Indianapolis, IN @ 4442 Primrose w/ Gas Chamber, Side FX, Chaotic Neutral
Saturday, June 9th -  Highland, IN, 
3142 Franklin St., w/ Hedlok, ABC Gum & Public Assault  

Sunday, June 10th - Detroit, MI @ The Halfway House w/ Scum, Public Sex
Monday, June 11th - Cleveland, OH @ The Tower w/ Hounds of Hate, Mad Minds
Tuesday, June 12th - Easthampton, MA @ Flywheel w/ Vaccine, In My Grip
Wednesday, June 13th - Boston, Allston, MA @ The Burrow w/ Curmudgeon

Thursday, June 14th - Philadelphia
Friday, June 15th - Baltimore, MD @ CCAS w/ Sick Fix (record release)

Saturday, June 16th - Washington, DC w/ Sick Fix (record release), Shaved Women, TBA

**Just Poison Planet**
Sunday, June 17th - Raleigh, VA (PxP/The Outs)
Monday, June 18th - Huntington, WV (PxP/The Outs)
Tuesday, June 19th - Louisville, KY (PxP/The Outs)
Wednesday, June 20th - Bloomington, IN (PxP/The Outs)

onsdag 14 mars 2012

"Conflict of Interest Demo 2012"

In time for our European tour in a few days, Carry The Weight Records (uk) will be releasing the 'CONFLICT OF INTEREST DEMO 2012' that we recorded a couple of weeks ago.

5 brand new songs that will be on a very limited run of 150 cassettes! We will have the majority of these on tour with us, but CTW will have 50 copes for sale online, so don't miss out!

We will ALSO have 2 new songs featured alongside some other awesome bands on PUNX DON'T DRINK VOL. 2 this year coming out on THIRDxPARTY RECORDS.

Don't forget to pick up the EP on Grave Mistake. We've received pretty raving response so far, and we can't wait to bring this shit on the road.

Check the new song below and spread the word. See you on tour! XXX 

Conflict of Interest

Budgets strained, outsourced prisons. 
Corporate vultures with jurisdiction
Bidding on a barebones facility that will minimize costs maximize efficiency.
Hedging their investments so they lobby for a crackdown. 
Ensuring future growth of course they lobby for a crackdown.
Baiting the poor, a war against drugs. 
Punishing users with families destroyed.
Privatized and dehumanized, 
Record profits pumped back to the source. 
Record profits pumped down their fucking throats.
It’s a betrayal of man.

fredag 2 mars 2012

Grave Mistake EP out now + Euro tour info

We're happy and proud to finally have our debut 7" out on Grave Mistake. After having been sold as a very limited tape and 7" during our October mini-tour in the UK, the real thing is here. Alex Grave Mistake has been a real champ in fighting to get this one out despite a vinyl pressing plant fucking up time and time again, and we can't thank him enough for sticking to it, as well as making the release look as good as it does. The EP is pressed in 1000 copies, out of which some a red and for mailorder only. Note that this isn't a pre-order or anything, the EP is out.

Check out two songs on Grave Mistake's bandcamp

Order the EP from Grave Mistake's webstore.

We are just weeks away from our first European tour, with all that means with gathering information, printing merch, considering cover-songs and getting incredibly stoked on travelling, hanging out, playing, meeting old and new friends and hopefully catching some sun. Come on out!

7/4 TBA (pl)

12/4 LONDON (uk) at Power Lunches w/ TBA